Dog walking in East Berkshire & Buckinghamshire, England


Trying to find a safe and welcome place to walk your dog (off and on the lead) can be difficult. Here are my top walking destinations in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire


Black Park, country park

Lead or no lead? This park is my favourite because you can take the dog off the lead. No restrictions apart from right at the back offered sometimes there is a gathering of livestock, sealed behind fencing.

Swimming? Yes lots! Walk around the lake from the carpanel, past the children’s park, and you come to a bank where they can swim freely.

Open fields? Yes. One large one. Just follow the signs by the carpel to walk int he right direction. Be aware sometimes some of this area is used for filming by Pinewood Studios, but generally it’s still enough space to run around.

Exploring off track? Definitely. Stick to the paths or wander off. It’s your choice. Allow your dog to find mud puddles, leaf piles, and streams without worry.

What about the humans? There is a big car park, two cafes, GoApe, Net kingdom, holder s parks, and picnic benches dotted around, also sightseeing when filming is happening


Langley Park, country park

Lead or no lead? Either is welcome. If your dog is a sucker for a swim keep them on the lead near the lake until you get to the low bank.

Swimming? Yes, a little. Just be mindful of any nesting birds before you let them in.

Open fields? More than Black park but lots more rabbits here so be watchful.

Exploring off track? There is, but not as dense woodland as Black Park. More open space than running amongst trees and a nice winding path with lots of plants.

What about the humans? Small cafe at the entrance, a medium sized car park,children’s park, walled garden.


Burham Beeches

Lead or no lead? A lot of the areas will require a lead due to wildlife in the area. There is an open field and lots of trails to follow off lead.

Swimming? No dog swimming spots here.

Open fields? Yes. One big one in front of the car park.

What about humans? Lovely little dog friendly outdoor cafe by the car park.

Cranbourne park


Cranbourne Park

So much space for the dog to run around in. Open fields and wonderful views. Ensure there is no livestock before letting your dog roam around .

Running between the courts


Farnham Park

This park has been a great open field for dog walkers for years. Softball courts have taken over a lot of the space but there are still two free fields over the back and one at the front. You can walk around the outside of the courts if you want to go around the whole place. Be aware of cars coming in and out on the road, pick up your pop or get shouted at by sportspeople, and check there’s no rugby or football on before you go to ensure you have optimum space.


Kennedy Hill and Claycotts

Climb the hill in abrir well with your pooch to seriously tire them out. Then make your way down to cross the road to the children’s park. There is a small field dogs can run around on next to it.

The Long Walk

Lovely place to bring the dog on or off lead. Perfect for tiring them out with plenty to see for you too. Only drawback is once you reach the deer park you will need to turn back if you want your rig to continue burning off steam.

Have fun walking your dogs in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.


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