Prague at Christmas: Top Tips


During the Christmas break in 2019 we set off for a three day trip to Prague to celebrate all things festive.

Here are some of the highlights and advice for you if you are thinking of going to Prague for a festive break next year, or the year after, or the year after etc.

Tip 1 – How long to stay

Personally I think that three days in Prague is a great amount of time to visit the Christmas markets and all the other wonderful things that Prague has to offer.

Roof of the Christmas market at noon

Get ready to explore the Christmas markets

If you arrive early on day one you can easily make it into the old town for some general mooching around the shops and museums before visiting the Christmas market when it’s dark and the lights are at their prettiest.

My mum travelling in Prague in front of Christmas tree lights

The streets are full of fantastical Christmas lights

For day 2 and 3 leave plenty of time for looking around the Jewish Quarter, getting some high end shopping done at the Palladium shopping centre, visiting the palace, and of course… more Christmas market shopping.

Tip 2 – Activities in Prague

At Christmas time there is lots to be done. Aside from the obvious Christmas markets why not take a short boat ride on the river? It was far too cold for us to jump on a boat, so instead we opted for a reasonably priced indoor Christmas concert where we listened to Vivaldi and other festive songs for a couple of hours. The concert will have you clapping one minute and being lulled gently to sleep the next. I definitely recommend!

Blue chimp with golden balls

Why not check out the local street art.

If you are looking for things to do in the day, the streets are full of museums and historical buildings if importance. Don’t forget the famous astronomical clock in the old town square and get there early if you want to be up front when it chimes.

Astronomical clock in Prague.

Make sure you are there to witness the clock moving

Tip 3 – The Jewish Quarter.

Did you know that much of the Jewish quarter and Prague’s Old Town was left untouched during WWII? Neither did we before we visited, and we sure weren’t ready to learn why it was left untouched. The answers, you will learn, are disturbing.

Visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery is a must in Prague

Visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery is a must

Make sure you spend half a day or more visiting the synagogues and museums in the Jewish Quarter. Be savvy and purchase a multi ticket which will allow you access to 5 or 6 of the Jewish Quarter’s buildings rather than paying for each building separately.

Statue of man on headless giants shoulders in Jewish quarter Prague

Exploring the Jewish Quarter

Tip 4 – Tours are worth it here

Unlike most places I have visited in Europe, I would highly recommend that you opt for a tour guide in some areas such as the old Jewish Cemetery.

Grave stone wolf symbol at old Jewish cemetery in Prague

Get a guide and learn about the symbols on the gravestones

We had entered the cemetery and began admiring the grave stones unsure as to what the writing really meant. Then, we bumped into a small tour taking place in front of us and well – the entire experience changed. Naughtily latching onto the tour in front of us we learnt a lot! The cemetery has some truly incredible information that simply must be listened to.

Tip 5 – Getting in and out of Prague

Ditch the expensive taxi now! Getting into central Prague from the airport is very easy by bus and tram. Ask for information at the info desk in the airport and expect to arrive into the centre within 45 minutes of landing.

If classic cars are your thing then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the random vintage motors offering rides around the city. Approach one and ask for a price to jump in.

Tip 6 – Leave your diet at home

Forget salad leaves and superfoods. Sugar and buttery snacks await you.

Sugary food in Prague


Everywhere you go you will find eye catching treats to feast on whether you are looking for breakfast, dinner, or lunch

Spiral chips Prague

Spiral chips make the perfect snack

Street food is available throughout most of the markets and affordable too!

Tip 7 – Wrap up warm

During the winter months Prague much like the rest of Europe endures freezing temperatures which drop further at night.

Warm by the Christmas tree in Prague

Keeping warm by the giant Christmas tree

Bring your gloves, a hat, and get those layers on to stay warm and ensure you aren’t moaning about the cold instead of enjoying your surroundings.

Wearing 5 layers of clothing so you can just bring hand luggage will be TOTALLY worth it!

Tip 8 – Save some space

Prague’s Christmas market is full of beautiful hand crafted souvenirs. Make sure you save some space in your luggage to ensure you have enough room to bring back plenty of Christmas presents and souvenirs for yourself.

Half moon Christmas tree decoration is blue and fades into white. Has a small cabin drawn on with “Prague” written at the top.

Our new tree ornament is it’s rightful place

Tip 9 – Bring your walking boots

Prague is the perfect city for long walks and climbs up to excellent viewpoints. Make sure you have a pair of comfy shoes with you to ease the foot pain!

People on the steep stairs in Prague

Up we go!

Tip 10 – Enjoy Your Trip!

Don’t plan too heavily. Tourist centres are easy to find and very informative. Grab a map, take it as it comes, and have a wonderful time in Prague.

Orange building in Prague

Just one of the many beautiful buildings in Prague


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